Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

Victoriana is closing

After 4 years Victoriana will be closed. I´m very sad about that. I had my little store there the last few months and was very happy there. All was built with so much love. 
I´ve taken a few photoshots before all has gone and I want to share these pics here :)
Victoriana will be gone after june, so if you want to see it, go there now!

Victoriana Pavilion

It was my home for the las few month.

Victoriana Square

Victoriana Pavilion
Elgin Place

View on Victoriana Pavilion, Square and Alpes

Street to Victoriana Harbour

a Kingdom for the tinies


Tinytoriana - Harbour

Victoriana - Harbour

Victoriana - Harbour

Victoriana - Square

Victoriana - Lakeside

Victoriana - Maze

Victoriana - Lakeside

Victoriana - Lakeside

Trains connected the different victorian sims.

Victoriana - Lakeside 

Victoriana - Forest

Victoriana - Forest

Victoriana - Forest

Victoriana - The haunted museum

Go and explore as long it is there!

This was my store at Victoriana - Pavilion

It´s already gone now.

Goodbye Victoriana

Of course, I will stay in Inworldz, but I´ve sized down my business. 
At the moment, I have a little shop at Paperwhite Village, which is also a very nice sim, but I haven´t got a little home, where I could work. Rezz some things and so on.

Here is the LM to my shop:

And I also have some new releases.

Samstag, 1. März 2014

5 free dresses

So it´s spring again and we need new stuff to wear.

You can get 5 free dresses at Luziefee. They are sooo spring-ish :) 

Pics were taken here:

And the free dresses you can grab here :))

Look also at the green frame at the entrance. These are my special offers for march :)

Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

Eyes are the mirror of the soul

New eyes! New location, new shop!

Happy New Year :)

I moved my shop to Victoriana!

And I love it. It is such a nice sim. Victorian styled enviromment with a touch of a fairytale!
Take the train and explore Victoriana Nation.

My shop is at Victoriana Pavillion. A bit hidden in very nice residential quarter, not far away from the train station.

Victoriana Pavillion - 1, Elgin Place

The snow is gone now and we have a kind of a very early spring here :) 

These are new my releases. No dresses this time, but eyes! 

Taxi to Luziefee @ Victoriana in Inworldz

See you at Victoriana

Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

News from Luziefee..

I moved, I´ve designed new dresses and I always try to find some nice photospots :)

Here is the result, lol

Skins: Katherine, 

natural and tan, with shape

Vilya - be a princess, be a fairy

...It sparkles, when you move ;)

Pics were made here:

you will find here many little shops for a very reasonable price :)
Customers can walk around the sim from one shop to another. It´s all open, no doors. You can rent a mill, a barn, a lighthouse.. I´ve rented the Hill House, btw :) Private or commercial.

Felicia - something more casual

Pics were taken here:

Victoriana is a whole sim. Not only the Harbour. There is also a part for tinies :) So cute.
A train drives all over the sim and you can get on it and take a sightseeing tour.
The sim is victorian themed and so pretty. There is also a community with events, shops and home rentals. Have a look and get inspired.


A casual dress,  you always need a nice casual dress. For shopping, meeting with friends, go dining with friends, (well ok, an avatar doesn´t really need to eat)... or just to look good!

Deborah is a mesh dress. Please try a demo to see if it fits.
It has 5 standard sizes.

Pics were taken here:

Once again, victorian themed, a bit art deco.
Look around, play with the windlight settings. I love do that!

And this is my little Christmas giftie :)

get it in my store


a mesh gown with flexie parts and faux fur stole

Ok, this is the LM to Emotions Hair Salon, but after you bought your hair (lol - I always do, I´m so hair addicted!), you just walk around over the sim and you will find a train station.
Did you ever read Agatha Christie? Well, here you have the feeling of "Murder in the Orient Express"

Ok, what am I wearing...

The hair is from Emotions or Damselfly, the skin is my own and is called Helen ( I will release that later), the Pumps are also made by me, just shoes, no feet attached (will be released).
The eyes are Luziefee Design, not yet out.

The jewerly is again by WulfRaven creations

And here comes the most important! The Taxi to Luziefee! Did I say, I moved? No? Well I have more land now, so I could expand a bit :)